Smilelign – How it works and how much it costs

Please note:  as of 19th September 2019 we are unable to offer Smilelign at this clinic.  However, Smilelign may be available in the future.  We will keep you updated. 

Book your consultation

Please ring 01792 654531 or call in to our clinic and we will book a date and time to suit you for your Smilelign consultation.

Consultation Costs

  • Free to existing patients of Russell Street Dental Clinic
  • New patients        £48.00

Diagnostic and Impression Appointment

Scan & Plan                                                         £195

This includes impressions for PreAligners, Photos and Xrays

Further costs based on your alignments needs

Cosmetic case (1-3 Aligners)               from       £900
Mild case (3-5 Aligners)                       from       £1500
Moderate Case (5-8 Aligners)             from        £2100
Severe Case (9+ Aligners)                  from        £3000
Maximum Case Fee                                           £3750

Note: Smilelign treatment and costs are ‘inclusive’ of all aligner fit appointments (3-4 week basis), refinement if necessary, and end of treatment Retainers.

     Breakages                           per aligner       £75


Special Offer

Once your Smilelign treatment has been completed and you are happy with your new smile we will provide you with a complimentary teeth Whitening service – giving you a smile you will be proud of.