Smilelign – How it works and how much it costs



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Please ring 01792 654531 or call in to our clinic and we will book a date and time to suit you for your Smilelign consultation.

Consultation Costs

  • Free to existing patients of Russell Street Dental Clinic
  • New patients        £48.00

Diagnostic and Impression Appointment

Scan & Plan                                                         £195

This includes impressions for PreAligners, Photos and Xrays

Further costs based on your alignments needs

Cosmetic case (1-3 Aligners)               from       £900
Mild case (3-5 Aligners)                       from       £1500
Moderate Case (5-8 Aligners)             from        £2100
Severe Case (9+ Aligners)                  from        £3000
Maximum Case Fee                                           £3750

Note: Smilelign treatment and costs are ‘inclusive’ of all aligner fit appointments (3-4 week basis), refinement if necessary, and end of treatment Retainers.

     Breakages                           per aligner       £75


Special Offer

Once your Smilelign treatment has been completed and you are happy with your new smile we will provide you with a complimentary teeth Whitening service – giving you a smile you will be proud of.