Private Fees

Private Dental Treatments available at Russell Street and Costs

Dental Examinations
New patient examination to include necessary      x- rays, oral cancer screening, full gum health check, facial musculature and jaw relationship assessment, soft tissue investigation and other dental checks Per visit         48.00
Subsequent follow up dental examinations Per visit         28.00
Specific Treatment Consultation Per visit         48.00
X-rays Per x-ray           8.50
Flouride Varnish Per visit         15.00
Emergency single visit appointments
Non-registered patient, single visit emergency appointment.  Includes pain management of a single tooth to include exam, diagnosis and all necessary xrays and treatment for pain relief.  Patient should return to their own dentist for follow up care or register with us at a later date. Per tooth           85.00

Registered patient emergency appointment. 

Emergency treatment fees example: if you require an extraction, the total fee would likely be: emergency exam+diagnosis = £28 + one xray @ £8.50 and a simple extraction = £50 total cost of visit is £86.50

Per visit           28.00
Temporary filling Per tooth           35.00
Nerve removal and dressing Per tooth           85.00
Treatment of infected sockets following extraction Per visit           35.00
Prescription Per item           10.00
Dental Hygiene
New patient first hygiene scaling and polish Per visit           48.00
Advanced hygiene visit including charting and specific treatments Per visit from 70.00
Subsequent follow up hygiene scaling and polish Per visit           35.00
Non surgical Gum treatment including root planing Per side L/R           80.00
Antibiotic or antiseptic adjuncts for more advanced gum disease Per visit from 56.00
Cosmetic stain removal per 20 mins           35.00
Study models per set from 35.00
Daignostic wax ups per tooth           25.00
Surgical Dentistry
Simple extractions Per tooth           50.00
Complex extractions Per tooth From 70.00 to 95.00
 Treatment of infected sockets following an extraction  Per visit           35.00
Fillings (pricing based upon the size and extent of the filling)
Front tooth bonded white filling Per tooth from 60.00 to 90.00
Back tooth bonded white filling Per tooth from 70.00 to 150.00
Glass Ionomer fillings Per tooth from 55.00 to 70.00
Amalgam fillings Per tooth From 48.00 to 90.00
Fissure fillings Per tooth           25.00
Temporary filling Per tooth           35.00
 Smoothing, polishing and other adjustments  Per visit           25.00

Root Canal Treatments

(includes all xrays and single use instruments)

Front tooth  (incisor) Per tooth         225.00
Front tooth (canine) Per tooth         245.00
Side tooth (premolar) Per tooth         295.00
Back tooth (molar) Per tooth         375.00
Emergency root canal dressing Per tooth           85.00
 Crowns, Veneers and Bridges
(There are many options for crowns, veneers and bridges.  It is best to have a consultation with the dentist to determine which device is most appropriate for you.  A small selection are listed below. 
Standard private crown (porcelain fused to metal) Per tooth     from 360.00 to 480.00
E-max or Zirconia Crown Per tooth     from 450.00 to 600.00
Gold Crown Per tooth from 495.00 to 650.00
E-max veneer Per tooth From 450.00 to 600.00
Composite (white filling) bonded veneer built up directly onto a tooth Per tooth From 150.00 to 195.00
Composite (white filling) bonded inlay/onlay Per tooth  from 360.00 to 480.00
E-max inlay or onlay Per tooth     from 450.00 to 600.00
 Standard private  bridge Per unit       from 375.00 to 475.00
Cosmetic private bridge Per unit from 450.00
Adhesive Bridge (Maryland) Per tooth   from 360.00 to 480.00
Adhesive Bridge (Maryland) Per wing 250.00
Cores and posts Per tooth from 60.00 to 85.00
Refix crown (no warranty) Per tooth           48.00
Refix adhesive bridge (no warranty) Per visit           85.00
Remove crown, veneer or bridge Per tooth from 50.00 to 75.00
Dentures, night/mouth guards and Splints
Upper or lower acrylic full denture Per item   from 450.00 to 600.00
Upper and lower acrylic full denture Per set   from 800.00 to 1100.00
Upper or lower chrome dentures Per item      from      600.00
Upper or lower Valplast flexible denture Per item   from 700.00
Upper or lower acrylic partial denture small (1-3 teeth) Per item   from         325.00
Upper or lower acrylic partial denture medium (4-8 teeth) Per item   from 375.00
Upper or lower acrylic partial denture large (8+ teeth) Per item  from 450.00
Reline a denture Per denture                      95.00
Repair a denture Per item              60.00
Addition of a tooth to a denture Per tooth 70.00
Denture adjustments Per visit            25.00
Sports mouth guard (various sorts available) Per item   from 65.00
Custom night use retainer Per item            85.00
Fixed wire retainer Per arch 120.00
Upper and lower removable and fixed retainers Per set 295.00
SCi splint Per item 350.00
Smilelign clear braces In total from 950.00
Consultation free for registered patients Consultation 48.00
 Teeth Whitening
Boutique Whitening one top-up whitening gel syringe  Per pack            20.00
Boutique home whitening kit with 4  whitening gel syringes Per kit            90.00
Upper OR lower whitening applicator tray (one off cost) Per tray            80.00
Upper AND lower whitening applicator tray (one off cost) Per set           150.00
Internal tooth bleaching Per tooth from 200.00
Prolonged bleaching cycle In total from 150.00
Microbrasion Per tooth from 80.00

Practice Plan Membership Scheme – all members of this private scheme with the clinic are entitled to 20% off cosmetic treatments, visit the Practice Plan page to find out more