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Interesting dental facts – Did you know?

The enamel on the top surface on our tooth is the hardest part of our entire body.

In the first adult dental health survey in 1968 over one third of the population (37%) had no natural teeth – it is now about 6% of adults.

More than one in ten (14%) of people find cleaning the toilet more appealing than flossing every day.

The average person produces over 5,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime – that’s enough to fill 78 bathtubs.

Our ‘smile comes top of the things we first notice when meeting a new person.

A toothbrush came top of the list of things we could not do without when we go on holiday.

If we only had five minutes to get ready in the morning, one in twenty would skip brushing our teeth.

No two people have the same set of teeth – our teeth are as unique as our fingerprint, so be proud of our unique set of teeth.


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