NHS Dentistry

Please note that our NHS waiting list is currently closed, we do review our NHS provision regularly and you are welcome to ring the clinic on 01792 654531 to find out if the list is open.

Useful telephone numbers for NHS dental information,  for an emergency appointment or regular dental care:

NHS Clinics with spaces – 01639 683054 (regular NHS dental care)

Local Health Board – 01792 601800 (all dental enquiries)

NHS Direct – 08 45 46 47 or 111 (emergencies)

Queries about benefit entitlement 0300 330 1343

Wales NHS health cost helpline 0845 603 1108

NHS patients have to pay NHS charges for dental treatment, unless you have a reason why you are exempt from dental charges ie free treatment.  

Exempt/Free dental treatment:  If you are exempt  you will need to provide proof of your exemption  at the dental clinic. If you claim for free treatment and are not entitled to it the NHS may charge you a penalty fee of up to £100 plus the cost of any treatment.  It is your responsibility to know whether you are exempt or whether you have to pay the NHS charges. However, denture repairs are free but any loss or damage will cost £60.90 per appliance, even if you are on benefits that entitle you to free NHS dental care.

Claim a refund for NHS dental charges

Use this form to claim a refund for dental charges if you are entitled to help with healthcare costs.  Use the NHS online checker to see if you qualify.

You can request a printed copy of this form via email or by calling the publications order line on 0345 603 1108.

The NHS payment system can be confusing and if you are unsure if you pay or are exempt (free)  or how much you pay,  please check before you attend your appointment.

Are you unsure whether you are exempt or not?

Telephone NHS Health Costs helpline 0845 603 1108 or 0300 330 1348

Visit these websites:  NHS Dental Charges to find out more about charges or to find out why you may be exempt visit NHS Exemption Criteria

How much does NHS dental treatment cost?  Note:  These NHS prices are valid from 1st April 2020
Since 1st April 2006 NHS dental treatment costs have been organised under a simplified system which groups treatments under one of three price bands. The following list, which applies to Wales up until March 2017, includes examples of how current price bands relate to some common dental treatments, procedures and services.

Band 1 = £14.70

Basic scale and polish ie hygiene * (please see details below)
Examination, case assessment and report
Advice, diagnosis and treatment planning
X-rays and reports*
Instruction in the prevention of dental and oral disease including dietary advice and dental hygiene instruction
Marginal correction of fillings
Adjustments to and easing of dentures or orthodontic appliances.

*The price of hygiene treatments can vary depending on what exactly is being carried out, therefore ask your dentist how much the treatment will cost beforehand. Treatment on the NHS should be ‘Band 1’ charges for basic hygiene treatment, or ‘Band 2’ charges for more advanced gum treatment.

Band 2 = £47.00

Deep Clean ie advanced hygiene treatment.* (please see details above)
Permanent fillings
Extraction of teeth
Oral surgery including surgical removal of cyst, buried root, unerupted tooth, impacted tooth.

Band 3 = £203.00

Crowns including any pin or post aids to retention
Bridges including any pin or post aids to retention
Full or partial dentures. (Denture repairs are free but any loss or damage will cost £60.90 per appliance, even if you are on benefits and do not pay for your dental care)
Other custom made appliances excluding sports guards.

NOTE:  The clinic collects the fees on behalf of the NHS and all fees are given to the NHS.  

Patients pay one of the three Band costs at every course of treatment eg you have an examination and pay the Band 0ne cost, 6 months later you have another examination and will pay the Band One cost again.

Charges will be for ‘one’  course of treatment, so, for example, if three fillings are required in ‘one’ course of treatment, you will still only pay the one relevant Band Charge.

Additional treatment appointments will not be made unless NHS payment contributions are up-to-date.