Teeth Whitening

How to make your teeth whiter – these are before and after images of teeth whitened using Boutique Whitening gel.

We provide a home whitening kit at Russell Street Dental Clinic this is supplied by either Boutique Whitening.  This product is very  effective and simple to use.   If you do not have trays to place over your teeth these will need to be made for you before you purchase the whitening kit.  View the video above and find out more about Boutique Whitening.

Cost is @ £90.00 for the starter pack which includes a dental health examination to ensure you are suitable for teeth whitening. Trays cost extra @ £150.00 (top and bottom) but are a one off cost and can be reused over the years.

Top-up Gel is also available from our Clinic supplied by  Boutique Whitening – you can purchase individual Syringes for only £20 each. 

Trays : This whitening kit uses customised close fitting trays to apply a powerful whitening agent to your teeth. It is very easy to use and you apply the gel into your trays for only 30 to 60 mins every other day for 4 – 6 weeks and then maintain the whiteness with weekly applications.  Or you can even use it a couple of times during the week if you know you have a special event to attend and this is good for lightening your shade and giving you a brighter smile.

You are in control of the degree of whitening
The trays last a long time and can be used over and over again.
The trays can be used therapeutically to apply other agents to the teeth for example Fluoride to strengthen teeth and desensitizing agents.

BDA Official Advice on tooth Whitening in the UK – click this link and find out more above who can legally provide tooth whitening in the UK.