Dear Patients

 Please read this notice if you have an appointment booked with our dental clinic: 

We want to ensure you feel safe when you visit our clinic and our priority is to create a safe environment for our patients and staff.

We ask you to read the following pre-appointment checklist before your visit, if you have any questions please ring 01792 654531 and we will  be happy to answer them.

Your Dental Appointment Checklist during COVID-19

Please note that appointments are scheduled to allow for the necessary social distancing between patients and also mandatory disinfection times.  This means that you may have less choice of appointment times.

AS of 10.11.2020 please inform us if you have travelled to Denmark 14 days prior to your dental appointment.  

  • Appointment only – treatment will only be provided with a pre-booked appointment, there will be no ‘walk-in’ appointments.
  • Patients should attend alone – with the exception of children and adults who need assistance, you must attend on your own.
  • Arrive on time –  please aim to arrive on time for your appointment as we may not be able to see you, particularly if you are late.
  • Wait in the car or outside – if necessary, you may be asked to wait in your car or outside before you have access to the clinic.
  • Knock the door – if the door is shut please knock the door and a nurse will come to let you in. We will know you have an appointment booked and we will be waiting for you.
  • Distance of 2 metres – this distance needs to be observed should there be another patient in the clinic/at reception.
  • Card only payments – all payments will be by card, please remember to bring a card with you.
  • Bring a pen – please bring your own pen to complete the necessary paperwork
  • Bring a mask – please bring your own mask (although if you do not have one you will be provided with a single use mask by the clinic).
  • Limit your bags – only bring your necessary bag to the clinic, we will ask you to put your bag in a safe storage place during your appointment.
  • Toilets not available – regrettably, there is no toilet available during this period.
  • Medical History – if you have a list of medication please bring this with you to your appointment. You will be asked pre-appointment COVID19 health questions at the time of confirmation and we will ask these again at your appointment and 14 days after your appointment.
  • COVID-19 symptoms – if after you have booked your appointment you start displaying symptoms please inform the clinic before visiting us.

Our staff – to protect you and us, our staff at the clinic will be wearing extra personal protective clothing which will be kept on during your full visit, this includes masks and visors.

Communication –  we aim to keep your visit time as short as possible and therefore conversation will  be kept to a minimum, focusing on your clinical treatment.

Infection Control – it will likely be some time before dental services return to normal.  However, we will be doing all we can to ensure you receive your dental care in the safest way and we would like to reassure you that our clinic observes all the relevant guidelines for infection control.