Word of Mouth

http://www.wordofmouthmagazine.org/September2016/ Read about the importance of a dental health Check Up. More than a quarter of people only visit a dentist when they have a problem and do not visit regularly enough. Continue Reading

Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2016

Raising Awareness and Saving Lives Mouth Cancer Action Month is a campaign to help improve awareness of a disease which is diagnosed in more than 7.500 people in the UK every year. Signs of mouth cancer are checked at our clinic during your regular dental health examination.  Three signs and symptoms not to ignore: Ulcers… Continue Reading

The secret life of a dentist

ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE GUARDIAN Read this anonymous blog by a dentist that has recently been published in The Guardian online newspaper.  It will give you an insight into the daily life of a dentist. The secret life The secret life of a dentist: some patients think superglue will fix their toothache Anonymous The mouth… Continue Reading