About Us

There has been a dental clinic at Russell Street since 1956, over 60 years.

Mr Hart opened the original clinic and when he retired in 1986 Mr Rattenbury took over. Mr Simon Jenkins, bought the clinic in 1989 and is still the principal dentist at Russell Street.

We still have quite a few people who were patients of Mr Harts and have been attending Russell Street since they were young children and are now retired  – a lifetime of dental care.

The focus of the clinic has changed over the years.  Originally it was totally  NHS  and now it is a mixture of  NHS and Private.

Private patients have the option to pay as you go ie pay on the day for any treatment, join our practice plan scheme or pay using any individual health insurance eg AXA, Simply Health, WHA – the choice is yours.

The clinic is based over two floors, the toilet is based on the first floor up a short flight of stairs and there are a few steps at the entrance.  There is also a downstairs toilet available for people with limited mobility.

There are currently three dentists and three dental surgeries, one surgery on the ground floor and two on the first floor.

The clinic is  within easy  walking distance of  Swansea City Centre and is located in a busy residential/business district with one hour free street  parking available.

Visit the ‘Staff and responsibilities’ section of the website to see the people you will meet when you visit our clinic.