There has been a dental Clinic at 27 Russell Street for 50+ years and some of our patients started having regular dental care as children and are now retired and are still attending our clinic.  This is a recommendation in itself.  Dr Simon Jenkins has been the Principal dentist for 25+ years and has had the pleasure of providing dental care to  many local people and their  families watching children turn into young adults with healthy teeth and gums.

Dr Omar Salamat and Dr Simon Jenkins the two permanent dentists at our Clinic have been providing dental care for many new patients (3,000+)  since Jan 2015.  These new patients, on a daily basis, comment on how they have been treated at the clinic and use words like:

‘marvelous’, ‘so nice’, ‘so understanding’, ‘so thoughtful’, ‘he’s excellent’, ‘best dentist I’ve seen and I’ve seen many’, ‘I’m really nervous of going to the dentist and I now feel I shouldn’t have worried he is so good’, ‘so glad we’ve found this clinic’…